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Nature Reserve Of Bingerville

Nature Reserve Of Bingerville– Located approximately 15 minutes Abidjan suburb of Bingerville second capital of Ivory Coast, was born on its soil a botanical garden. Created in 1904 by the governor as his Angoulvant stroll garden, this heritage has had many names. Garden first test, it was in 1935 that he was baptized botanical garden with an area of ​​56hectares 45ares 44centiares and placed under the Ministry of Water and Forests.

Nature Reserve of Banco

Nature Reserve of Banco– Located in the heart of the city of Abidjan , the Banco Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​3474 hectares. This forest has been classified forest reserve in 1926 and gazetted forest in 1929. In 1933 , major refurbishment works were carried out there including the opening track , the creation of the arboretum and pond , etc. . The solid was finally erected in national park by decree of 10/31/53 .